That’s all. Busy and happy and beading something new and lovely for Perlen Poesie, and answering and photo-processing and loving up boys and kissing cats and not seeing the conjunction (too many clouds, wherever I am) and I am just simply happy. What a wonderful feeling. I think I can say, plainly and without drama, that acupuncture has changed me and changed my life experience, all for the better.

Also, Bill loved my little shag haircut. I was shy about it, as I cut off a good eight inches, maybe more, and I didn’t want to accidentally look like I got one of what I think of as middle-aged-lady haircuts. Rightly or wrongly, I dread those hairstyles that speak of hairspray and comb-outs, and I don’t dread them for you, I dread them for me. Have all the comb-outs you want. Have comb-ins. Happily, although I do look different in every way to him (I had guessed that I would not) he digs it- he says “you look like the 1960s” and we both feel that is a good thing. So… whew!

I badly need a little hand like this for the book.  I (also rightly or wrongly) receive many complaints when I myself complain about horrible EBay or Etsy photos of bracelets on segments of people’s hairy arms, but I flatly refuse to use those truncated human arm shots or plastic mannequin hands for the book. Just No! But a vintage wooden hand, now that looks like win. 

I’ll take a picture of myself with less hair once we are in Paris, no fear. In just a few weeks, Joyce Rooks and Doriot Lair and I are going to the City of Light to stay for THREE WHOLE WEEKS (we are splitting the rent on an apartment in Montmarte, very affordable) and it is going to be wonderful, and I am so grateful and excited to have a real vacation coming up.

I am swamped (in a good way) in work; the team of Irregulars that has assembled itself around the book is a living mob now, and a delightful one, but there is a lot of in and out and I am one of the com hubs, and it’s exciting. Exciting times.

Jean Campbell, whom everyone knows and everyone loves (again, that is a drama-free statement of simple fact) wrote in today. We were emailing a bit back and forth, and I sent her a copy of the BLAD, and a password to the Specials Page, and she got swept away by the awesome and spontaneously ordered a copy. This was heady news for me, as of course she will get a review copy and has no need to buy one. She laughed, and said, “You’ve done such a wonderful job marketing that I got excited by it and made an order!”

That is a great thing to hear. I’ve also noticed that many people who do not bead have ordered the book, just because we are so excited about it and they want to support the work. That’s love, man, or love of. Either/both are wonderful.

14 thoughts on “happy

  1. Dearest Kate:

    So glad you are happy in the midwest. So glad you are happy. Love your blog, luv luv luv the new book. Thank you for sharing your life with honesty and integrity.

  2. Your comment looking like the 60s made me smile. I just looked at the photos of my class (1965), and was amazed to recall the teasing and spray we used to get our hair to look like helmets! I’m sure you look like the 60s in a good way. Possibly
    like a folk singer?

  3. Kate, you are keeping us all in suspense!! On the Champs Elysee, we won’t recognize this chic woman dressed in black, with shades and a stylish new bob. Oh well, we’ll just have to learn to accept and be patient—hey, can we get acupuncture in St. Louis—to help develop patience and mindfulness? Sure seems to be giving you great insight and peace of mind. How lovely! Beau soir!

  4. And, do stop by Chanel or Valentino, or Shelby Hansen, Versace, or Guerlain and Stella McCartney at Alexander McQueen. Any one of them would love your designs. Just drop off a BLAD. AND SEND US PHOTOS OF ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

    • Funny, even if that were possible (the fashion houses) it wouldn’t be what I wanted. I’m putting myself so forward to do this so that I don’t have to put myself forward again.

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