thursday in the midwest

It’s lovely to see Bill and the boys, and the cats… and my head feels lovely (which is new) but my hips hurt. I think compassionately about my body, possibly hunting for places that can still store OMG, places I hadn’t thought to look for fears or my own LOG (list of grievances) about myself. I will find it, wherever that accidentally copied and pasted list has gone, and ease it away. Finding compassion for myself is a new idea. Normally, I achieve by driving myself to improve. My favorite Photoshop tutorials are the “You Suck At Photoshop” series. In fact, I think I’ll watch one today.

I learned so much from them, and it’s 100% about not wanting to be as lame as he thinks I am. Crazy, but useful. Paths and Masks is quite good but this is the first one I saw- Donnie photoshopping his marriage certificate onto the Vanagon that his wife bangs her high school friend in. Ha! It’s rude. You might not like it. But it drilled right into MY head. Strap your stupid on and let’s go. For you this is going to be CRAZY hard.

This is the conjunction I kept trying to see the other side of. Mars, Saturn and Spica, over Elba two nights ago.  Magical, isn’t it- a huge equilateral triangle, up in space.

LPOD photo, by Stefano de Rosa.

4 thoughts on “thursday in the midwest

    • I was recommended to Community Acupuncture (which is a concept more than a place) by my friend and massage therapist, and then I learned that the practice is actually a network, a revolution that is sweeping the country. Lots of recliners in a common room, treatment clothed, hands, arms, legs, and neck-up treatment. More traditional, and very democratic. I really like it, and it makes it easy to not make it all about yourself. You are part of something, people trying to do better or feel good, or just stay honest. It’s a wonderful environment that treats you with exactly the amount of attention that you really need- just a few focused minutes of the real pure stuff. And then you are left to your devices, and you can take the time that you need. When you feel “done”, you just let them know. I stay for an hour to hour and a half, and I think most people do about 40 minutes.

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