a soft, overcast morning…

We had more storms last night and it’s a soft and lush day outside today.  (Actually, check that, it’s POURING outside. All of a sudden.)

Clouds were in front of the conjunction again last night; it’s over, and I only saw it twice in two weeks. Although, technically, Mars, Saturn and Spica always form a triangle; any three things do, no matter where in the universe they are. That is an interesting and powerful idea.

Our potted Portulaca is liking the rain. Lotsa flowers.

I don’t miss the piles of dead, but I do miss the baby Coops.

I loved how they would stand by the plastic owl and call for their breakfast. All legs and feet.

Today is a travel day for me- I’m off to St. Louis with a MacBook stuffed with raw images to process, over 400 of them. No words I could say can describe how visually exciting our book will be to beaders. Such intense depth of field in the shots from the IP4S.

Just LOOK at this incredible double-Cone ring, by Christina Vandervlist. I can see every bead!

Even though they are almost all the same sort of colour and tone! This is one of the hardest sorts of things to shoot, in my opinion. Nothing really stands out, and the form is fluid. But I’m getting it.
Praise be!

5 thoughts on “a soft, overcast morning…

  1. The double cone ring is GORGEOUS! Maybe you should enclose little brown paper bags with this book so we would have something to breathe into while looking through the book in order to avoid hyper-ventilation!

    • It really actually is a genius suggestion, and paper bags don’t cost ANYTHING. Eileen, we are totally going to do that. TOTALLY. We will give you full credit, of course.

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