amazement comes in waves

There isn’t a single day that goes by without something in it stopping me in my tracks, completely blowing my mind. This could be about being simple, which I am. I do mean that- I’m very bright and adaptive, but the term “simple” to describe me strikes me as apt. It took me three months to learn to make a single error-free peyote triangle.
Case closed.

Bill, of course, will let out a snort of laughter at the term “simple”; as he finds me endlessly complex. Good thing, too, because if I can keep him guessing for just a few decades longer, we will be able to have a Golden Anniversary.

Anyway, simple. When I asked Allison to draw me as a dog for the new book (because I think that I am just exactly like a dog, loyal, well-meaning, likely to get into trouble or eat things found on the floor, and sniffing or digging at everything to find out more about it, I love to go for rides in the car, and my ears droop and my eyes get sad if I am misunderstood, or have gotten into trouble) her first question was naturally “what kind of dog?”

I always visualize myself like a cross between a particularly goofy but smart black lab and some sort of Russian hunting hound, playful hugeheart doofus fuckup true love romper competing with an all-too elusive undertone of longlegged, aloof elegance. Doofus will trump elegance in 15 minutes flat, this is measurable (like when I put on finery) but I can, ever so briefly, shimmer and gleam, like a tall and powerful Queen.

She listened to this torrent of words from me and said, “well, I think it should be a puppy.”

The shred of Queen in me rose up indignantly, like a shard of glass, and I said “We are not a puppy.”

And then we both had to admit that in fact I was.

(Actually, I said, “I am not a puppy”  not “We are not a puppy” but it sounds WAY better if I had said it like Jadis, or any other proud queen would have, so like a good writer, I changed it. )

Even Doriot’s tomatoes are getting in on the Horn Thing. It’s a powerful wave, sweeping and seeding the Earth.

Photo of the tomato by Doriot Lair, of course, and the one above of Kate walking barefoot over pointy rocks in a gown and opera cloak is by Diana Cannon. (I hope that is right. It could also easily have been Doriot, or Robin Douglas who took that shot. For some reason, I cannot find this information on my drive. I re-organized all of my photos, see….  and then…..   Hint for D, D and R: it was a Sony camera. And it wasn’t Jeroen’s.)

4 thoughts on “amazement comes in waves

  1. It’s true that you (plural) are not a puppy, but there is a puppy in you, and isn’t that what you want the graphic to represent– the Inner Puppy which sniffs everything, just to see.

    • Woof! Actually I am glad to be Puppy, and then sometimes I put on clothes from the Costume Closet, and I pretend to be Queen and we take pictures running down the street in ball gowns, with crowbars, or stand on cars, or in pools, and then we laugh, and run around like dorks.

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