Hot damn, this IPhone 4S.

I could say thousands of words, and none of them would speak more eloquently than the shots I am getting with this marvelous little tool. This has got to be THE camera for beaders. The IP, unlike many other cameras, can understand that each bead is a separate event. The depth of field is monkey-proof, with the touch-screen focus. Just…. yes.  Yes!

This Rivoli Star pattern of Jean’s is what set my mind spinning, and talking to Chris about open-add points, and so directly inspired the Helix Bangle. Can you see it?


8 thoughts on “Hot damn, this IPhone 4S.

  1. I sent this post to my daughter. Just yesterday, my son told her to get the IP instead of an expensive camera. She decided against the IP, but hopefully, your shots will change her mind.

    Beautiful pictures by the way. Everytime I see your beadwork, I am simply blown away. Is there anything you can’t do and do well.:)

    • There is everything that I could do better; how is that for an answer?
      But thank you, that is very kind of you to say.

      Also, remember much of the beadwork was created by Jean Power, Dustin Wedekind, Christina Vandervlist, Gabriella van Diepen, and our talented contributors. My pieces are here and there… The pieces in this post are by Jean (the Rivoli Flower) and Christina (the Helix bangle).

      The IPhone 4S is in fact the best point and shoot camera on the market, and certainly can compete with professional rigs in certain situations. Beadwork is one of those situations. The resolution is certainly professional- 2400 x 3200, or something like that.

  2. What a great picture and love the rivoli piece. I especially like how she sort of outlined the edges with black, it’s suttle yet interesting. You two never cease to amaze!!!

  3. Oops, subtle, not suttle. What is really with spell check, it always works when you don’t want it to and now it doesn’t work when I need it too, stupid system, grumble grumble!

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