feeling my way

My great rat-dog planter from Allison

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my reactions to things that happen. Whether it’s new information or new experiences, or old reactions that I just take out in response to new stuff, I’m trying to pay attention, so I can make better choices.

One of the things I learned in acupuncture is that my arm was making a choice to focus the many hours of work on the computer or the beadwork in the tendon sheaths of my arm; the localized soreness and swelling turns out to have been more of a default reaction than what has to happen. I haven’t taken out the arnica gel or the ice packs from the freezer since my first visit, and my hands and arms feel just like hands and arms, except lighter and freer, and that is kind of amazing. Because they are working even harder than ever.

It’s made me think a lot about how things that I just assumed were givens in my problem-solving of life may in fact have been variables. I can choose how to react; apparently even in cases where I thought there was no choice. I am not my programming; I may have made assumptions in my coding that were not exactly correct, or maybe were more right previously and less right now, and can be re-evaluated.

It’s exciting, in a very nerdly way. And also a very practical way, because I see that things can be easier or harder, and I would like to choose easier.


Allison loved her Birthday Falcon, which really must be now called a Plastic Raptor, because apparently it isn’t really  kite, falcon or hawk, but a lovely mishmash of many.

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    • Each one has so much personality!
      I thought of you for some reason when I saw her perfect little honeypot, with hexagons and a bee on top of the lid for a handle. I don’t even know if you like bees!

  1. Please tell Allison her planter and mug SO TOTALLY ROCK! I’m delighted you’re having such benefit of the acupuncture – keep going! *G*

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