making a world in a world

Thank you all so much for the tens of thousands of clicks and the hundreds of comments on the blogs and Facebook- writing and creating is generally work done alone and so it is soul-filling to get so much feedback, and all of it sparkling with OMG.

William Gibson compares making a book to living in an air conditioner, and Rudy Rucker says yeah, one you are repairing constantly the whole time you live in it.

But making this intricate little Alice-world I am holding in my mind around the book strikes me more like you are flying a glider while making breakfast in the glove-box while building tiny maquettes on the seat beside you, and imagining a place that will be real if you keep it in focus and don’t look away. The energy will turn to matter, as energy will, given a fair path. But look away too long from the windscreen or say the wrong words in the wrong order and the goddamn plane can hit the ground while you are talking to Finland about trading beads for fish to sustain your long journey.

Like a good Kucinich Socialist though I imagine an interconnected ecosystem that feeds everyone. The paper book is a flattening, a condensing onto 6 x 9 pages, a maquette itself that stands in for a living thing. The pages of the book are designed so that they float effortlessly (and most importantly, identically) into the app that makes them into e-book pages, but unlike the paper pages, the ebook pages are alive, and so they link (also effortlessly) to all of the reference materials, sources, pages of additional photos, video of rounding a corner for people with dog-brain, whatever. The world that grows around the e-book is infinite; there is no limit to how much can be included. But things that work effortlessly take a lot of, well, effort to build.

like Lia Melia’s Pentagon Bangle, built bead by bead of tiny size 15 Delicas, to a Jean Power pattern. Lia, your patience and artistry in these pieces have been two of my mindangels while I dreamed this structure; I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the loan of your whole box of this work.

. . .

Keep an eye on the Western sky from sunset to dinnertime for the next few nights to see the last bit of the stunning conjunction of Mars, Saturn and Spica. They are about to once again form a perfect triangle, but this time Mars will be the Southern point of the form.

Ancient shamans, astronomers, wizards, farmers and alchemists would have made much of this conjunction; it would be a pity for it to pass unnoticed while you were inside watching Storage Wars.

. . .

“Previous! Previous! Previous! Before all this happened, when the world made more sense…”

3 thoughts on “making a world in a world

    • I thank you as well and got a giggle out of the Storage Wars comment. My daughter got me stuck on that silly show and it seems everyone around me is watching it so I lol because I’m not a big fan of reality but I get a kick out of people finding beautiful gems and minerals and jewelery. It makes me sad to see people have lost their treasured jewelery but hopefully it’s reused by someone who enjoys it in the same way someone like I would do. I love antique jewelery and old costume pieces as well.

  1. Oh, geez. My husband watches that show but I can’t. I guess it’s because I’m a natural empath and can just feel the pain of the people who had to walk away from their treasures (or junk). It’s too much for me. Hurts to watch!

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