a little break

I think I’ll take a little Internets break; I’ve got some writing I want to do, some photos I need to get, some beadwork I need to return to people. And, wonder of wonders, Allison Shock is in town for the weekend, what could be better? Allison has been my friend for 20.7 years and I have loved her helplessly and with great admiration since literally the second I met her.

I’ve been jacked into my MacBook and the web nonstop for the past month, building contraptions meant for yesterday. It went really well. I looked at our web stats and one really amazing thing about them is that it seems clear that just about every person looked at just about every thing. If you know even a little bit about marketing, the Internet, or the attention span of people, then you know how huge that is. I was/am ecstatic about it, because by any yardstick it was made of win and our whole team is very, very happy.

If you pre-ordered a copy of the book, or are one of our collaborators or contributors and you don’t have your password, well, by all means email us and get one. And if you haven’t ordered the book yet, well, maybe you should. It’s really going to be amazing.

All people who pre-order the book are welcomed eagerly to Special Projects Heaven Made Of Awesome.

I wish I could remember who did this beautiful little embroidery. 

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