What the book looks like


This is the inside of what the publishing industry calls a “Blad“, which stands for “Book Layout and Design.” It’s used (and we will use it) to secure the other ends of our vision, the ones that are all about publishing and video. People are very excited and none more than us. If you’d like to see all of the behind-the-scenes work, you’ll need a password, and with that, you can see the Helix Bangle and Caldera projects as well, and enjoy the PDF that Dustin and I made last year explaining and stepping out the Modified RAW Bellyband, the Tri-Wings, Many-Wings, and the Power Puff Ring. To get the password, order your own copy of the book!  (right column)

We deeply appreciate your support and enthusiasm. The Internets exploded with beady excitement today and there is a nice wave of comments on the pages raving about it all. It made us feel wonderful. Really wonderful.

Here’s a link to a larger copy of the file:
Contemporary Geometric Beadwork “Blad”


15 thoughts on “What the book looks like

  1. Today made me really want to quit my job , stay home and Bead. Having the password to unlock the magic treasure was spectacular!!!!!

    • Magic Treasure, I like that! My heart, which has been a bit sore lately, has been really filled to overflowing by not only the wonderful things people have said, but that they took the time to sit down and say them. It’s like walking into the rain in the desert, or filling my head with sunshine.

  2. So exciting! I’ve been following the evolution of this book since before it was a sparkle in anyone’s eyes, and it’s inspiring and invigorating and gorgeous and mega-cool. I’m happy to wait as long as it takes for you all to feel that it’s just what you want it to be, but thanks anyway for sending out the yummy appetizers to us pre-order folks.

    From Kirsten, the middle school Social Studies teacher/hardcore beader in San Francisco (no, you don’t know me, but I blog-know you and revel in not only your beading but your politics, your animals, and your unabashed claiming of your own quirky introverted passionate way of being in the world)

  3. I had lunch with my good friend Kelly Angeley yesterday. She brought along the wings and horns samples she made. The only word that came to mind was BRILLIANT!!! Simplicity equals elegance.
    The book looks fantasitc.

    • As you can imagine, I’m pretty pleased to have Kelly contributing to the book. Not only do we get her in the book, but we get to show that AWESOME photo of her with her red guitar and that amazing hair and that red cactus flower ring on her finger.

  4. I Loove the patterns. I also Love the use of the colors. I would Love to see more.
    Thank You For Everything.

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