e-ticket ride

Our whole team has had a couple of weeks of technical pain/growth/accomplishment; this is expected for our first layouts and nothing more than learning to communicate efficiently from five different locations, and of course learning to translate each other’s languages and file formats.

Jean is English, Christina is Canadian, Gabri is Dutch, Dustin is magazine-trained, and I am whatever I am. Prose- and visual-based. I cannot read a pattern, much to the occasional dismay of my collaborators, but that’s only because it is a flat thing, and I am a multi-dimensional being. (Of course I know many multi-dimensional beings who can read patterns. I’m not trying to generalize.)

Perhaps the way my brain works is why I like the Helix so much.

An indescribably FEELY slick springy Helix Cuff in size 8 rounds, made by Christina Vandervlist during Helix-Sketching time. This is a very affordable version of the intricate Delica rendition, both in terms of time and bead cost.

The up sides of my Helixy brain that won’t lie flat are that a) I can make magic, and form my reality to my taste, and b) in the context of the book, I can make sure that people like me can read the diagrams and photos, and simply ignore the incomprehensible A2s and B1s and rows and rounds that the rest of you just say “ho-hum, A5, B1, C4, PBT 4x alternating 3a with 6c” to.

I had never copied a piece in my life until I labored through the Power Puff Bangle, bead by bead, driving my brain like a plow. It was time well-invested, because now of course I Puff, Wing, Horn and soar at will.

Christina describes her brain as “an old english meadow, divided by a stone wall.  Over the years the separation from right/ left brain has eroded to the point that the sheep wander on both sides at will.”

I have actually thought of my brain in terms of sheep wandering before, and went so far as to put up this photo in October of 2010 and title it “My brain”.

You know, the touch screen keypad on the IPhone is a pain in the ass, but the voice recognition is SUPREME. I will never have to type a text (or much of anything) on the phone.

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