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Helix Bangle, size 8 rounds, by Christina Vandervlist. We’d love to see yours!

See that link up above, the one that says “Specials For Pre-Orders”?

That’s your page for special projects, extra photos, and book updates, so you might want to bookmark it, or subscribe to the blog. We’ll be adding new content every Friday (yes, we heard your massive outcry for Friday over Monday) but we won’t be emailing you to tell you about it after today.

Email is so glitchy, especially when we’re sending thousands. So in the future, you can use your password to log on to the Specials page, anytime you like, and see what’s new. The patterns and photographs will be there, in a nice string, and you can pull them up from wherever you are, or download them to your IPad, print them out, whatever you like.  Remember time zone differences; updates originate…

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  1. I’m feeling very ackward because I don’t understand how this works. I put in the password and I thought it was going to take me to a place where we could get the patterns to learn how to do these earlier than the others but I can’t seem to make it work. All I get when I double click is a single picture but no instructions. I know you may be rolling your eyes at me about now but please walk me through for the internet incompetants. Sorry, just not as computer savvy as many. I do love the photos though and would enjoy learning how to do the star or the helix, both amazing pieces. Thanks dear Kate, you’ve shown great patience with me! Lesli

    • Lesli, did you click on the file to open it? You click on the project, say “Helix Bangle PDF” to go to the page, and then click again, on the Helix Bangle file to open it. Then it should very slickly open for you in a PDF. Please let me know if that solved your problem.

  2. Dearest Kate,

    I preordered my book when it was first available. I usually use the same password for everything, but it’s not working for the Specials page, dammit. Can you help me? I seem to have the short-term memory of a goldfish! SHEESH!

    On a totally different subject, since I’m one of those nerdy science geeks, I thought you might be interested in a site called Between the Folds. It’s about using the art of origami as a tool to explain and study physics, astrophysics, and other nerdy phenomena. I absolutely LOVE that sort of thing! ;-)


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    On Aug 13, 2012, at 10:36 PM, Kate McKinn

  3. I’m on dial-up and the connection keeps breaking. My phone Co says such large files are usually spam and they block them. I don’t understand what I need to differently to get the files.

    • Ah, dial-up. Honetly, I can’t imagine trying to work with that. Just to be clear, do you have your password? (I’m trying to determine exactly where you are in the process- laoding the PDFs from the Book Blog page, or logging on to your email. There are no files in your email, just a password to the page. So if you could email me,, I would be happy to work with you, and I can send you a physical disk with the files on them. I don’t want to leave anyone out who is on dial-up, but that sounds unworkable to me in terms of an Internet connection, so let’s work around it.

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