off to the next adventure

But I left a lot behind me today to for you to catch up on if you’re the catching-up type.

This weekend is all about polishing our Monday emailing for me; busy busy.

Don’t forget to look up and see the conjunction of Saturn, Mars and Spica tonight. Western sky, visible as soon as the sky darkens, because of course it’s been Up There for hours; they are above me right now but I cannot see them.

That is a strange and lovely thought for someone like me.

I’m off to the next adventure inside the universe of my sarx and my skeleton.

2 thoughts on “off to the next adventure

  1. A nearly perfect right triangle. At least from where I am. A good excuse to go outside and look at the night sky. Think I’ll stay awhile. :)

    • It’s pretty distorted for me here now. Bill says they will be in a perfect line in less than a week, so the triangle is a moment, everyone should go out and look…

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