a day of meetings

So lots of meetings today.

We’ll be putting out a huge mailing on Monday- a lovely packet going out to all of our pre-orders.

It will contain our BLAD (the sales flyer for the book), the basic instruction for the bellyband, the tri- and six-wing rings (and all wings and horns, really), and by request from our beginning beaders, basic triangle instructions will be added to the Caldera bangle, and we’ll dish on our production schedule.

Annnnddd….. Yes! Christina’s magical Colour Wheel Helix pattern!


Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?

Because the tap is on, baby!

23 thoughts on “a day of meetings

    • You will be happy to know that this is an e-mailing, no boxstalking required.
      : )

      Also, talk to me about making a horned cuff. Do you need guidance? If you are trying to make a Horned Rick Rack, well, I feel your pain. That is very advanced beading. But regular old Horns, they are just Wings that have been decreased. It’s the same decrease as a Power Puff triangle.

      Our mailing will help clarify all of this Wing and Horn business.

      • No horned rick rack for me – or at least, not yet. Just a regular horned bangle. My increases look like ka-ka and the decreases are worse – perhaps I should just swatch a bunch of Power Puffs until I assimilate the theory? In any case, I’m about to cut up the attempt thus far for the FOURTH TIME and start over. (As I am typing this, switching sounds like the way to go…)

        • Yes, you should start small until you understand the increase and the decrease. Do you have the Tri-Wing kit? It shows making a simple small piece with three wings that decrease into horns (The Winghorn ring). If you don’t have that, it’s on the way to you on Monday. Also, your tension has to be strong, and the beads don’t sort themselves into proper alignment in herringbone. You have to put them on, pull the thread snug, and then sort of twerk them a bit with your fingertip or needletip to get them to sit up like lookouts. Also, you have to be careful not to miss any of the little spots where beads go. Each time you put an increase in, you create an extra space that will want to be filled.

    • Sorry, Fiona! It’s not capricious; we are working right up until Sunday to get it finished and edited. The Helix Bangle is brand new- I just saw it for the first time last week. Fresh, baby!

  1. I’m looking forward to it — and am hoping that it gets here before I leave for BeadFest — then I can do LOTS of shopping. I haven’t attempted any of the patterns yet — peyote I can deal — but RAW kicks my butt every single time.
    I am really excited to get this book !

  2. But the local bead store is having a 20% sale until Sunday so for the Color Wheel Helix we need black, white and…………….. (gg)

  3. Oh damn this IS better than Christmas! I’m hooking up the color printer this weekend. I must. I must.

  4. Hi Kate. Hate to bother you but do you know when you might get the limited edition Book Kits out? All these exciting patterns but I do not want to buy a color that already might be in the Book Kit that I bought before.
    Thanks. Diane.

    • Thanks for asking, Diane- Quite soon, actually- kits will go out before I leave for Germany at the end of August. It will all be in the email coming on Monday. Also, no matter what beads you get, I encourage you to make our projects in related, but different colourways. That way they will be unique, and we can photograph our favorites for the book gallery! If people just duplicate our colours, there won’t be any point in including their pieces, as they will look exactly like ours.

      : )

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