merging layers

Oh, the thoughts I have thunk.

I’m both stunned and unsurprised by the things I am realizing. Like the hawk in the tree, or the hummingbird nest, things once seen can be seen again. New patterns of seeing must form. I feel like I accidentally had the clear plastic sticker over my eyes, you know the one that comes on the new phone or camera lens. I was like “duh” when it peeled off.

I can’t get absorbed in that detail, though, the nuance of why we often don’t see what is right in front of us, because I have other important things to do and large philosophical questions can not only wait, they in fact WILL wait, because they are ageless questions that will be ever asked and always unanswered.

Now, to work.

Would you like to see another fabulous photograph from Jeroen?

Yes! It will be a part of our stupendous Postcard Set for pre-orders! How could we RESIST?

photograph Jeroen Medema, beadwork by Gabriella van Diepen.

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  1. Jeroen’s photo is fantastic! Every time you post something, I get happier that I pre-ordered!


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