One of the things that terrifies and engages people about drawing, painting, or design work is that there truly are limitless possibilities.

At least limitless in terms of what we can realize. Time is short; days are only so long. We can think of a thousand things, dream of ten thousand, and maybe do 22.

I sometimes think of floating into ideas, like this

and sometimes I want to think of SPACE FISHING. This is one of the postcard layouts for the pre-order Swag Packs!

Click either image to enlarge.


Beadwork by Kate (white rope) and Teresa Sullivan (spectacular red Horned bangle), photos by Kyle Cassidy, arranged by Kate.  Please feel free to share the image, but leave the tag bar on so people know it’s from the book!

9 thoughts on “design

  1. Kate, what an awesome photo! I have shared it on Pinterest.

    Kudos to you, Kyle and Teresa. :)

    Infinite options are my favorite part of designing and creating! Next to color, of course. Sometimes it’s frustrating that I don’t have time for everything, but even the imagining is an amazing experience for me and makes me feel like I’ve done something awesome.

  2. Wow, the 2nd picture looks to me as if the rope IS in space fishing for that beautiful, red space fish.

  3. Geo ropes have my head doing spacey back flips and cart wheels!!!! I’ve gone a bit bonkers for them!!!!! Love the post card… perfecto! I don’t even consider myself a beader of any caliber or merit and I’m getting really excited about this book!!!!!

  4. I want to run an electric cord up thru the space rope and wire a light bulb in the top, that has a red flickering flame. Then take the red horned bangle and set it around the base of the rope, which is sitting on a clear Swarovsky plate, and then suspend them from the ceiling,
    Hope you don’t mind me playing with your work!

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