Plastic Fantastic Falcon

View with delight my birthday Falcon! I got one for Allison too, because it’s her birthday next, but she may reject it due to inaccurate detailing.

We will just have to see. It looks pretty fierce and tight to me.

8 thoughts on “Plastic Fantastic Falcon

    • Oh, I was going to get you one ANYWAY. It’s too fabulous for you not to have one! And I’d never seen the “falcon” (we’ll wait for A to weigh on on this). Of course the Earth is stuffed with excellent plastic owls.

    • If you look at the plastic owls and falcons on Amazon, you will see that they all have ONE STAR REVIEWS because people expect them to keep birds away. I can assure you that they do not. No worries. This one hangs five feet from the feeder, they love it. It’s surrounded by four fierce owls, two plastic, two ceramic.

  1. Do you have squirrels in that part of the world, who constantly raid the bird feeders, and do the owls and falcons sufficiently warn the off?
    And do the poorly trained table mannered squirrel’s food turn into plants?
    Please invent a solution for me or the birds will starve.

    • Sadly, no squirrels. I have no idea how to outsmart them, either, I’m not sure it can technically be done.
      Some people hang their feeders from strong fishing line. That way you actually have to fly to them to eat, or that’s the idea. Dunno if it works. There are “squirrel-proof” feeders sold as well, but it’s hard to imagine anything being smarter than a squirrel.

      And the plastic falcons and owls scare no one and nothing. I have them because I like them.

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