swimming in photos

I’m continuing to surf and sift through the thousands of shots for the book. Kyle did an amazing job capturing the essence of the pieces.

Two Power Puff Bangles by the amazing Jean Power. Photo by Kyle Cassidy

I spent an hour today at Beyond Beadery; I bought a huge array of Delica beads that I hadn’t tried before. I’m excited and distracted by the tubes, as I am by everything right now. I made a band and peaky waveset of a soft shimmery galvanized gold-pink, and set the teeth for another layer tomorrow. I already know how that layer will lie; I can see it nestling next to the pink, rippling against it.

Some things occupy my mind excessively; I embrace them because it is the only thing I can do. Either I will spit them out or not; only time will tell. I want to give my brain a rosary to click through.

My house is still full of people tonight, but tomorrow will be a different story, Jeannette and Bill and Chalon are all headed back to San Diego, and it will be just Joyce and Gail and myself, then just Gail and I, and then, after, just me.

After an evening of research, or perhaps deep thought, Russell came back today and announced that my dishwasher had no flowmeter, so it couldn’t be that; he replaced the inflow valve instead and the thing is now full of soapy water and washing dishes like there’s no tomorrow. Utterly silently.

It was an enjoyable experience to be certain, watching someone else work through a two-part problem, someone else who won’t take “I dunno” for an answer. So refreshing.

The mind reels.

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