Wrapping it up

photo by Allison Shock

Happily, when Allison was fossicking around in her truck Monday morning, she noticed a little Anna’s hummingbird working on her nest. She set up her scope and we all had a look, and she took a few photos. This makes me intensely happy, because on my own, despite the zillions of hummers in my yard, I hadn’t found a nest.

I finally got everything washed and changed and packed and got the new water pipes tucked into their blankets (it will probably hard-freeze while I am gone, just because I am gone) and the trash out and the cat food laid in, and the house is ready and set for Gail and Jeannette to come in and relax before their shows start.

I can’t wait to see them!

Kate standing on the concrete table, photo by Jean Power

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