DC United naked!

I had lunch and a bit of a vintage shop with Susan Denis at Copper Country, and as we were leaving, we saw a terrifying (and potentially awesome) vintage tour bus equipped with this stunning set of horns.

While shopping, we saw wonderful and terrible things.

Wonderful, another strange string and hot glue sort of painting of Don Quixote. (I own an excellent and rather large orange one myself. I have to wonder if they might possibly be by the same person. Or (more likely and awaiting my research) was there a whole school of Don Quixote string-arters?

Terrible, a hideous, disturbing and overly large DOLL. In a box that looks like a COFFIN. What kind of person would make a doll like this, and then make a certificate of authenticity for it? And then what kind of a person would buy this awful thing? Click the above photo to enlarge her if you dare. Truly horrible. I could have nightmares about those HANDS.

For comparison, here is my AWESOME orange one. Obviously more detailed, but the same idea.

Also, did you see DC United get naked for ESPN? Too excellent. And completely charming.

Also: thankfully Gabriella and Jeroen have started a new blog. We almost faded away without news of them, so as you can imagine I am greatly relieved.

8 thoughts on “DC United naked!

  1. yes, there were lots of projects designed for dipping string into white glue and then putting it on something. You’ll have some fun discovering it.

  2. Horrors! I hate to say it but my first thought was that the doll looked a lot like I DID in old B&W family photographs, except that I had glasses, braces, and a hippy dress with stripes going in the WRONG direction. The photo I have in mind was taken after I was promised that if I agreed to having my Louis the XIV cum Robert Plant locks shorn I would not only wind up with a cute, Barbara Feldon Get Smart era angled pageboy, but I’d also get my ears pierced! I drove a tough bargain in those days, but little did I know I’d wind up with hair like THAT! I’ve never fallen for the old if-you-cut-your-hair trick again.

    Um…what was in the tour bus with the terrifying horns?

    • All of the old seats were there, and under a layer of dust and peeling everything was a perfect fabulous doubledecker tour bus, from maybe the 40s? 50s? something like that. American, I think, cause it looked like a school bus.

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