Can’t wait to get in and open the kilns! I dreamed a little bit about finishing the pieces; the angle that Jan’s long Ball End prongs might take as they hold the huge cut amethyst that she brought to class to set. How I hope Martha puts some patina on her flower garden ring, so we can see the depth of the little forest of them. Stuff like that. And Gail says I get to spend a whole HOUR doing enamel experiments today. Bliss. So I’ve been trimming disks and spirals and copper flowers in my mind nonstop.

Lautner forms. Geometric forms. Forms to hold beadwork. Look:

The Elrod House, John Lautner. Photo courtesy of the John Lautner Foundation

I’ve been pleased to note that John Lautner is trending on Earth right now. It would be his hundredth birthday this year, and so there are a lot of retrospectives and openings and shows, and my friend Bette Cohen, who made the beautiful film The Spirit In Architecture  has been showing her film all over the world. She was just in Amsterdam. It was of course through Bette’s grace I spent that magical evening having dinner in the Sheats-Goldstein house; wandering and sitting around the space as if we lived there, just the four of us, one of us (me) barely able to stand with the joy of it all. (In fact just thinking about it now, I have to sit down.)

This is a place I have never been but one day, I dream of seeing this house, just… standing with it.

It’s the Marbrisa Residence, in Acapulco.

photo courtesy of the John Lautner Foundation

4 thoughts on “Exciting!

  1. Once the narco violence tones down a bit I would LOVE to go to the Acapulco house. I wonder who arranges private tours? Might be easier to go to the new old John Lautner Hotel in Desert Hot Springs…to visit Joyce Rooks!

  2. NPR had an interview with Lautner the other day, from back inthe 60’s-70’s (?). Loved his casual, not-full-of-himself voice and language. An LA house of his was featured in the excellent fiim, A Single Man.

    Great looking class!

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