More Tri Winged Rings

The kits are selling very well- remember we don’t have a ton of them. I want to really encourage you to order one if you are interested in the circular peyote work.

They absolutely will not duplicate what will be in the book, but instead they enhance it, and of course you are going to have to wait until February for the book. Long time!

Get yours here!

On the left is another look at some of the primary colours, bronze metallic hexes and size 14 bronze rounds from the Basic colourway. I accept your congratulations on the kickass photo (I can see every detail! The shank is so round!) and isn’t that join from shank to base just neat as a pin?

I love this method of construction, the “buttoning” of a thing to a thing. Just like any ring shank in any material, it gains great cohesion from being completed as a separate object.

We have quite a few very good beady ring shank ideas for you in the book- in fact there is a whole chapter on building rings. (“Fact!”, as Jean Power would say.)

Below, a couple of Power Puff rings- the one on the left is built of the amazingly precise Toho Aikos. We love them, but we aren’t kitting with them for two reasons- first the finishes on many of the best colours are unreliable, and of course second, they cost a good deal more than the Delicas. We love working with them, though, and have greatly been enjoying our small hoard. The ring on the right is all done with Delicas, and all of the green and blue colours can be found in the Expanded colourway.

Below, Bharathon’s awesome cereus cactus is blooming like mad, I assume from the nice rains we’ve been having. If anyone happens to know exactly which variety of what this lovely succulent is, pipe up. I’m just assuming it’s a cereus, because of the blooms, but I really don’t know fuck-all, do I?

Extremely exciting developments regarding beady class sessions surrounding the Gem Shows in February and almost an entire month of January in France, to finish the book with Jean Power, to be revealed shortly!

glimmers of understanding

I mentioned that I hadn’t been sleeping well. This is just what happens when my brain gets more to sort through than it can handle; it all piles up in the corners and I go into a processing dream state, with lots of waking and half-waking, and dreams that connect one to the other over the course of nights or weeks. It’s exhausting, for obvious reasons. And naps are nice (I LIVE by siesta time in the summers) but they really aren’t the same kind of sleep as good deep night sleep.

Owl from the blog Wisdom Is Out There

When I don’t sleep, I tend to do a very unproductive thing, I clamp my teeth together, especially when I turn over. And when I’m not sleeping, I turn over a lot. My dentist (the fabulous Doug Watanabe, featured in a previous post and this kickass article in the St. Louis paper) made me a couple of very thin mouth guards that fit exactly over my upper set of teeth, and I had misplaced them on my last trip. This resulted in a situation that was spiraling into a clicky jaw and all of the fuckery that goes with a clampy mouth. Happily I found one yesterday, and had a lovely night’s sleep last night- mouthguard, a bit of drugs, bliss.

But (and this is the entire point of this post) I had one of those cosmic leaps of understanding this morning- I realized, in some flash of communion between body, brain, and spirit, that the reason my body clamps my skeleton closed during restless times is that it fears, in its primordial instinctive way, that my soul, being restless, will not return. Apparently it subscribes to the ancient belief that the soul comes and goes through the mouth. And when I dream, believe me, I am GONE. Very gone. In ideal circumstances, I leave my body, just a shell, running on instinct, slumped on the bed. I’m very lightly connected, both to my corpus and to the fraudulent construction of the timeline, and I am touched deeply that my body fears abandonment.

How could I a) know this or b) have never known this? Any cave shaman could have told me this basic truth.

I can’t tell you. But finally, I have the answer, and perhaps I can reassure the sarx, so that it won’t fret so when I leave.

Tri-Wing-Ring Kits Are In The Shop!

Our week has been all about Instructions. When I see that word, I always think of Neil Gaiman’s poem about how to cope if you suddenly find yourself in a fairy tale. “Trust the wolves, but do not tell them where you are going…Hearts can be well-hidden, and you betray them with your tongue.” 

The instructions we are writing are of a somewhat different type; all involving the magic of circular peyote. We’ve had quite a time of deciding what goes into the kits, what into the book, and what into the videos, and I suppose we finally know. Really, the hardest part was deciding on colourways for the kits. We need to have at LEAST six colours ($45 with DVD instructions) and we’d prefer to hand out fourteen. That gets spendy ($85 with DVD instructions) but really, few things in art are less satisfying than a limited palette. Each color comes in a 7.5 oz tube, which is plenty to work with, and we have tons of photos showing the many ways that they combine. It’s fair to say that we have worked for two solid months to arrive at the colours we chose. Each tube comes clearly marked with Miyuki colour numbers.

All of these colours (plus many more) are in the Expanded Kit

I got tremendous shots of the tricky spots in the point rows, and the decrease, and all in all I’m hugely happy with our presentation. The DVDs will have boatloads of photos, several innovative modified RAW starts, and a whole lot of suggestions for advanced beaders or enthusiasts to rock on with. And buyers of the kit who have also purchased the book will not feel remotely cheated when the book arrives, because the kit isn’t just lifted from the book, it’s a full, exquisite preview, and features different pieces than those that will be stepped out in the Triangle chapter. We don’t expect to deliver the book until February, so this will tide people over. I’ve got almost three months in on this one idea, and could easily spend another three years exploring it.

Those asking for hand shots, they are coming. The rings are very wearable; the Tri-Tip is admittedly more of a cocktail, pinky or thumb ring, but if worn with the points facing the palm, it does neatly fold toward the palm when the hand bends, so can still be worn during an active or work day. But if you want complete wearability for everyday, we show variations with only two owlish points.

You can order yours in the Shop, at this link. And only for a short while- this is a one time limited edition offering, and when they are gone, they’re gone. Kits will ship September 9th.

Attention Test Beaders- your version of this is different- we are sending you one full pattern not in the kit or book, and no beads, so if you want the full-on version, you won’t regret getting the kit as well.

All of these colours except the pink and the red 14 tip beads are in the Basic kit. The Expanded kit contains all basics, plus other shades, shapes, and sizes.

flaming skies

The sunrise this morning looked like fire, with a little flaming fish of a spaceship flying out of it. Orange and blue, always a winner.

It rained on and off again all night, and this morning the air is soft, and cooler, and half of what I can see is loaded with birds.

I’m not getting the kind of sleep that I like, and it isn’t for any other reason than that my head is so busy with Doing all day that it doesn’t have any time for Wondering, or Sorting, and so between dreams I examine, and file, and wonder.  Luckily I’m not a worrier; I don’t churn my brain like a washer with no clothes in it. There is just a lot in there to go through, my life experience is starting to pile up in the corners.

It will be good to be next to Bill soon- I find him extremely relaxing.

There is much to say, and I could tell you about many things, including our Test Triangle Session at The Bead Place, in Fairview Heights, Illinois, the night of Friday, September 2. If you are local, and proficient in peyote stitch, come on by. We are test beading some of our triangle components and rings.

Also,  I might remind you that Mary Hettsmanperger and I are scheduled to team-teach an amazing class for Wired Designs in San Antonio, Texas, December 1-3.

Pieces by Mary Hettsmanperger (left) and me (right)

In fact, it’s quite important that I remind you of this one, because it’s time to buy plane tickets, and we need a few more students in the session to be sure it’s a go. Mary Hetts! We’ve never worked together before, and we’re both so busy. It would be a shame if the session didn’t fill just because we are all too busy to promote it. So Texas folk: sign up!

I don’t have a Houston gig scheduled next to this one,  only because I was too busy to set one up. Besides, the studios at Wired are perfect for anything we want to make, and this one will be VERY mixed media. So hopefully those of you in Houston can make the trip.


We had a nice little wave of pre-orders this morning, presumably from people who dig the Tri-Wing Rings. It’s so nice to have the feedback, in comments, orders, emails, etc. Thanks to all. And if you have something to say, by all means leave a comment. They encourage us along, and sometimes questions bring ideas.

It was a good morning in general for us- we were pleased that Debi liked our RAW bellyband start, and I got a ton of great shots in the pretty filtered morning light. Soon we’ll be leaving triangles behind; we already feel the excitement for the new, and the nostalgia for the moments when we were still learning this drill.

The Tri-Wing Ring kits will go up for order this weekend, and be delivered in two weeks.

(The time delay is because these kits will be special colourways, offered one time only, and we won’t place our bead orders until we know how many kits we have to fill. Life on a string, in more ways than one.)