Power Puffs, a pleasant distraction

Rather than bore anyone with the way my each part of my head hurts in its own special way, I started making my own Power of Jean Power Power Puff Bangle. I figured, “Why not? I know this stuff backwards and forwards now, sideways and upside down, right?”

And while I was still congratulating myself on how much triangle ass I was kicking, I promptly made a hilarious error. I took it out, marched on, and I guess maybe I can finish it tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that. I’ll show you mine when I have a few more done (I’m at 2 out of 21, not very impressive so far) but for reference, this is what I’m up to, in shades of red, gold, pink, and whatever greens I can dredge up.

It’s most enjoyable, being able to just say, “I think I’ll whip out a Power Puff Bangle!” And it is also quite pleasant, thinking of Jean, and the excitement of the fact that it’s practically January, and that means I am practically freezing my ass off in a converted French stable, laughing and saying everything I know how to say in French, and going carousing in a wintry Paris. I think I’d like to drive a sleigh, eat cassoulet in a cafe, glaze root vegetables with honey and wine, and cross-stitch a sampler of swear words in fourteen languages.

So I’ll try to forget about my pounding head, my sore throat… and just think about What Bead comes next.

Praise Be, Bill comes home tomorrow. I won’t look askance at the opportunity to lay my head in his lap and let him take care of me.

If you’d like to explore your own Power of Jean Power Power Puff Bangles, you must remember that she calls them things like “3-4-1” and “3-4-4” and that all of her patterns are available for songs and whistles on her quite efficient web site.

7 thoughts on “Power Puffs, a pleasant distraction

  1. I look forward to seeing your version! I didn’t get to make mine while on vacation because I forgot to pack an Ott-Lite, and non-beaders have the dimmest, darkest houses. The majority of my vacation beading was done in the back of a car with natural sunlight.

  2. I’m hoping next year will be the year I go to France… Who knows what 2012 will bring. It could happen. Do I have to wait until February to see you? I want the class with you and Dustin. I think I can make that happen at least.
    Hope you feel better soon and get those Power Puffs finished so we can see them

    • I’m just not sure if I’ll be over your way this Fall or not! I hope so, of course, but currently have nothing on the schedule. How lovely it would be to have you in a beady session or four. Yes!

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