Tri Wing Ring beads

I realize that I completely forgot to talk about the colours of the amazing Tri Wing Ring kits, available for this week only. (It’s a limited edition- we take orders, we order the beads, they ship on September 9th. Then on to the next thing.)

I also failed to point out that the kit prices of $45 and $85 are in many cases less than you would pay to buy the just beads from a bead store. This is nothing against bead stores; I love and support them, and every time I go into one, I buy a tube of beads, because I want them to be there next time I come back. Bead stores ROCK, as do independent artists selling kickass kits. We are all essential personnel.

It’s just a statement of fact that if you bought these 6 or 14 tubes of beads at a shop, you would pay at least (and in some cases more) than the cost of the kit. We’ve included many extraordinary beads, such as the silver-gold lustre cuts above (which can be found in both the 6 and 14 bead kits.) They are perfect for ridges and ribs, and show as perfect little hex-nuts in profile.

We have two iris beads; the stunning forest green and the irreplaceable blue iris.

And several colours that people find unnerving, but which actually blend beautifully with the others, such as Pumpkin (found in both kits) and the opaque matte lustre khaki gold. You can see the matte royal blue, the silver-gold hex, the blue iris and the khaki gold in the awesome Pirate Six-Wing Ring below.

There are two colours of brick red, matte and glossy, in both kits, and in the 14-bead, the beautiful matte opaque coral, and turquoise, and the mind-bending opaque matte metallic luster rainbow purple. Here are the complete colour lists:

Six Bead:  A couple of grams of beautiful Miyuki size 15 rounds in bronze, and five full 7-gram tubes of Delica 11s in the following colours:

silver-gold hex
matte opaque brick red
gloss opaque brick red (which is nicely different from its matte sister above)
golden opaque pumpkin
matte opaque royal blue

Fourteen Bead:  All of the above, plus a couple of grams of a lovely, out-of-print hot red-orange round Czech 14s, and seven full 7-gram tubes of Miyuki Delica 11s in the following colours:

blue iris
forest green Iris
opaque matte lustre khaki gold
opaque matte cyan turquoise blue
opaque coral
opaque matte rainbow lustre purple
silver-lined olive
This is a colourway that we took some time and trouble choosing; some of these are colours that not everyone is comfortable picking on their own. We wish we could also have included a bold opaque yellow, three more shades of blue, a black opaque hex, and two more shades of red. There will be a full book kit available at the very end of all of this, when the pre-orders go out, that has every colour we used in the book. But for now, fourteen will have to do.
Get your kit here, in either size, or order the instructions alone. But don’t wait!
You can see the Pumpkin and the matte royal blue on my second finger, with a bellyband of blue iris, and edging of silver-gold hexes and tiny gold 15s, On my third finger, the khaki gold lustre combines with blue iris, and on my fourth, the cyan turquoise dances with the coral, and the silver-gold. The Jester’s Hat on my thumb uses Czech rounds, not a part of this kit.