The sleepy pirate Jasper

Jasper spent the morning curled in Evan’s sock drawer, sleeping like a pink-nosed baby. We can hardly stand how adorable he is, and how silly. Right now, he is perched in the OPEN window (fall is coming!) and smelling the smells, listening to the little children play next door.

I had the expected day; not much done. Bill is off to Flagstaff for a New Horizons meeting (their spacecraft gets to Pluto in just under four years, naturally they are all very excited) and I’m settling in with the boys, the cats, the routine of homework and meals.

I’m still sad from the film. Thank you to everyone who left a comment of kinship, or kindness, it really actually made a difference to me. Hopefully the public pool will seem like a good idea again soon, instead of the place of nightmares, because it’s only open until Labor Day.

Excitingly, Jean Power and I have, at the courtesy of her parents (who offered us use of a converted stable adjacent to a chateau) planned the entire month of January to hole up at a converted chateau stable in France, to finish the book. It will be cold (being January and all) but I’ll lay in a decent supply of expedition-weight silk long underwear. It sounds glorious; Dustin is planning on coming too, and what a book it will be.

I find that now that I know that Jean Power is on the Earth, I can’t fully enjoy life without seeing her every four months. Each day, I long for her in background. Fact!

I’m feeling it for everyone who is underwater, without power, has trees on their house, etc. And I think that the government did an excellent job of preparing for it- the evacuations, the warnings, the Text Your Location To Find Shelter, all very good. (photo removed)

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  1. I did see that photo, and was struck by its powerful beauty. I’m aching for everyone who has been affected, and whose dreams and lives were swept away. It’s just awful.

  2. France in the winter! We have been lucky enough to be in Paris one Christmas and Brussels for an extremely wet October week. Both vacations were filled with exquisite cassoulet! Wonderful, hearty cassoulet chock full of the stuff Americans tend not include like turkey necks and interesting sausages.

    • I am somewhat of a typical American in that I tend not to eat necks and feet and fat and such either. I like neat cleaned pieces of meat. Sad. If I knew what hunger was, or raised my own meat, I bet I’d be a more holistic eater.

  3. Greetings from Nantucket…where we did not endure much at all except some wind. I’m grateful as we know that so many people are suffering.

      • Yes, we have power…only lost it for a moment or two. I’m flabbergasted at this as we are literaly plugged into the mainland by an extension cord where millions are without power.
        Last night we sat outside w/glasses of wine to watch the wind show. For once there were no mosquitos! But we got to see the show of clouds constantly changing direction. We knew it was safe and it was all over as the birds came back…and so did our dancing dragon flies!

  4. Amazing photo! I have never seen anything like it. I’m praying for all those who were impacted in some way by the storm.
    I am getting really excited about your new book. Living in France for a month to finish up your book sounds wonderful!

  5. Kate – I’m a little late here but do you know a good source for silk long underwear. I can’t go another Maine winter without them. Thanks.

    • Oh, sure, Patagonia makes the most lovely Expedition Weight silk long johns. Lightweight, lovely. Spendy, but then they also last forever. You can get them at any outdoor store, like REI, or anywhere online. All you have to do is google “silk long underwear,” you know, and the Internet will open to you.

  6. This is NOT a picture of of Irene making landfall on North Carolina, It is in FACT a Picture of a Storm Cloud Over Pensacola Beach Florida. and was Taken on Augest 9, 2011 at around 7:30pm, how i know? #1 i can identify every building in the picture, the street it was taken on, the direction you are facing, And exactly where the person was standing, Oh did i mentiuon I live and work on the Island?

    • If you are correct, then it must be deeply annoying for you that this photo spread all over the Internets claiming to be Irene!
      It’s certaintly one of the classic problems of the web, the swift spread of misinformation. As I have no personal knowledge of either the photo or the landmarks, I will simply apologize for participating, and leave both the post and your comment to Tell The Tale. Thank you very much for taking the time to let me know.

      • Considering it is my one of my many pics of this storm cloud, I am getting tired of seeing people Use my pics saying its from Irene, I posted them on facebook via My Nokia N8 Phone which is how i took the pics. I also have one pic of the same cloud that makes it look like a Tsunami Wave about to engulf the island and bussinesses.

        • Oh, you didn’t actually say in your previous comment that you were the photographer, my apology for not tumbling to that. How annoying for you that it is attributed everywhere to Luanne Ferrragine. I simply removed it, and I’m sorry for your general annoyance. It is a wonderful photo.

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