who knew how exciting peyote could be?


I’m not a huge fan of flat peyote as a structural stitch. I mean, it makes nice patterns, gorgeous patterns, but it doesn’t strike me as a very sturdy way to connect flatwork.

But for closed forms? Damn! It’s brilliant. Especially when there is no exposed thread.

Having explored the circular peyote triangle a bit, I have enhanced appreciation of the cool connected pieces that Jean Power makes. They are sewn with Nymo, are flexy and strong and sleek, and they’ve been overhandled for a decade and are still looking tight. I am in love with the form, and her technique.

I’ve got some Aikos on the way to the house, a gift from my friend Marianne, and I am seriously looking forward to playing with them.

6 thoughts on “who knew how exciting peyote could be?

  1. Those are cool! I wore my triangle ring last night and my carpool friends could not stop staring at it and were very disappointed when I was not willing to steer with my knees (while going 80mph down the windiest stretch of our drive) so I could take it off and pass it around the car ;) I’ll take a pic to post on the Geometrics FB page today.

    • They are high end cylinder beads made by Toho, a step above the already magnificent Miyuki Delicas.
      Aikos are practically perfect- the yardstick is that we may reject one out of a hundred Delicas as imperfect, but only one out of a thousand Aikos.

      It’s an amazing gift!

  2. I am so looking forward to stitching up a triangular pillow ring. During our stint int the basement during a tornado warning last night I looked over my cache of delicas in anticipation. Next week when I take my daughter up to Chicago for her Girls Rock Camp, I will be blissfully beading away!!!

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