Saturday at the Seed Bead Summit

I’ll post a long blog on the Beadmobile site about the amazing time we are having, but in the meantime, here is a great shot of Marcia DeCoster sitting in a nook with a golden French chair, an egg, a lamp, Teresa Sullivan flame cuffs, and general awesome.

And here is Jeroen, taking a picture of me taking a picture of him, out by the pool. Tonight, I made a pork roast Andrew-style, rubbed with cinnamon, and slow-cooked with huge dates and a sliced sweet onion. I rounded it out with baked apples with butter and spice, mashed roasted carrots and yams, and a garlic-laced green salad. Yum. Chocolate ice cream, coffee, beading.

3 thoughts on “Saturday at the Seed Bead Summit

  1. Sounds yummy all around! Speaking of cinnamon… I just sliced up some cinnamon rolls for the morning. I haven’t even baked them yet and already the house is filled with the exotic flavor.

    Miss you guys and hope you all are having lots of fun!

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