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You won’t even BELIEVE this. You know that class that Dustin and I are teaching in May, a seed bead intensive? We only had two students sign up for it, which surprised us (but aren’t they amazing students, Jeroen and Gabriella, who could improve on that roster?) And so we thought, why not use this time and space to evolve? So we invited some our seed beady friends, people who live close, people we have been meaning to work with. Teresa Sullivan (!) and Marcia DeCoster (!) were available and said yes. And that was exciting as hell. Between the four of us, what could we NOT do?

And then I met Jean Power. And she does not live close. She lives in London. And she does things that none of us do. And we hit it off so naturally that we thought that the only sensible thing was for her to fly all day and all night and join us.

Jean Power’s stunning geometric beadwork

Now there are the five of us, seed bead powerhouses, innovative, ingenious, with at least one of us claiming the title of Master Beader. (That would be Dustin.) (And you know, no argument here.)

Yesterday, Teresa said to me, “I need to pay my way out there, do you think that people would be interested in my stash of incredible vintage true-cuts and charlottes?” And I said, after I stopped spluttering (because you know those charlottes simply cannot be had anymore, at almost any price,) “YES. I THINK THAT THEY WOULD.”

And so, what do you know, she put them up in a Big Cartel shop. And I can tell you this, you’d better hurry. Because she has 11’s and 13’s in copper. And 24k gold, in a size 11. And light bronze and that amazing chocolate brown in the sought-after size 13.

(And I just bought a hank of the gold, and a hank of the copper 13s, but this time was smart enough to do it before I posted it! Live! Learn!

You know what else? She’s yours on Thursday, May 12th, for a full day if you want to learn how to make beads move. She says,

For a day session,  I could call it “Shapes of Things to Come” or “Undulations”.  Here’s a description :  “Get comfortable with shaping techniques, from the dramatic to the subtle, and learn to use them at will—not just willy-nilly! Price $95 per person.” Email her if you want to sign up.

A beaded evening bag by Teresa Sullivan. Watch Teresa make a beaded head in this excellent short film.

Regarding our weekend class, now that it has turned into this magnificent affair, we are not accepting any more students unless they are quite advanced and comfortable with a good variety of stitches. I hope that you understand. Email me if you want to come, and we can talk.

15 thoughts on “seed bead summit

  1. I immediately went to Teresa’s shop before I even finished reading your post! WOOHOO!
    I’ve taken workshops with you, Marcia and Teresa and met Dustin. Just know that a fabulous time will be had at this event.

  2. I have to laugh, as really, I blew my airfare at Teresa’s shop! And as my Gibbs will tell you, there is NO vacation without my beading! You would love him, you’d both get along famously. And he and your Bill would be engineers on fire!

  3. It’s gonna be a sculptural extravaganza of beading multi-dimensionalities. And it’s gonna be sad if Teresa unloads all those charlottes before she gets here; next to nailheads, those are my favorite!

  4. So wanting to be the fly on the wall or the stray cat (unless he’s been captured and banned, of course). I would love this beyond words.

  5. Yowza, everyone! So stoked & can’t wait for the Tucson trip. The charlottes are flyin’ outta here! By the way, I’m as gentle a teacher as I am adventurous.

  6. Shoot! Knew I should have jumped on this while newbies had the chance. However, the group you have assembled is awesome beyond words and whatever you create will be nothing but fabulous! I’ll bet blue sparks of photon energy will be visible above the Atomic ranch in May.

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