Kyle Cassidy in San Diego

Now you may know that in association with my talk for the Bead Society of San Diego (Saturday, April 16th) we are Glittergandizing; I’ve chattered nonstop about that, and have been piling up the opera gloves like there is no tomorrow. (Actually, that is a bald-faced lie. I have been piling up fur clips, and Miriam Haskell components, and clip-on earrings, and I have yet to find a single pair of opera gloves that fits me properly. I hope you have some.)

photo of Marcia and Mark DeCoster in their lovely Deco home, taken by Kyle Cassidy

Anyway. What you maybe don’t know yet is that Kyle Freaking Cassidy, photographer extraordinaire, recently described by the Leica Camera Blog (part 1 and part 2) as “fearless and brilliantly creative” and recently described by me as “the most low-key force of nature you will ever have an unforgettably good time with” will be shooting the Glitterganza on Saturday, and, amazingly, is yours to command on Sunday, April 17th, from 9 am to 4 pm.

Yes! He will shoot you, or your stuff, or you in your stuff. And/or you can watch him shoot stuff. Not hats, because we don’t have a gun. Ken had a gun, which was how the hat got shot. More details soon. But it will be affordable ($50 & $100, half and full day) and enjoyable, and you are invited. As Marcia can tell you, you don’t want to miss the chance to be shot by Kyle. Or borrow his hat. (Humorously, a copy of the Shot Hat went up on EBay last month. We have no idea who these wannabes are.)

portrait of Kyle by Ken Thomas, at the Atomic Ranch

Kyle is fantastic to be around, because he is responsible and prepared, yet somehow completely available to be spontaneous. He never has more gear or luggage than he can carry on his own, he folds up small and can sleep rough, and he’s always ready to laugh, or ride to the rescue of a kitten.

He is one of the people on Earth who move with intent ; no one is the same after working with him. He has given me some of the best direction (and with the fewest words) I’ve ever had. And he’s getting so famous that his time is short. So when you have an opportunity like this, you know, grab it.

Or as Charlie would say, “Winning, duh!”

4 thoughts on “Kyle Cassidy in San Diego

  1. What a stunning picture of Kyle, Ken did good! And I’m also totally enamored of the top photo, levitating dog and all.

    • Maya jumping was so spontaneous, and fit so perfectly in the whole Kyle Thang of levitation.

      Ken’s photo of Kyle is iconic. I expect to see it on the cover of his biography.

      Thank you for your comment. I am beginning to feel oddly isolated, however alone I cannot be.

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