The Lair of the White Worm

I’ve just finished painting our bedroom wall golden, and hanging Bill’s excellent Lair of the White Worm movie poster on it. It’s so lovely that I want to reflect it, and I note that we seem to be badly short of vintage mirrors around here. I think a trip to Re-Designz and the Goodwill must be in order.

You may remember this excellent gold paint (Ralph Lauren gold base straight from the can) from my entryway, in Tucson, if you’ve been there, or from the Hall Painting escapade, which continues, as our Hall presents significant scaffolding challenges.

I still have to do the top, and it’s a bit daunting. It’s going to take stuff on sticks to make it happen.

It looks different in every light, as you can see above, and next to the Worm poster.

Below, here it is in Tucson, with my Grandma Dena’s painting and my Great-grandma Emma Flake’s dresser, from Snowflake, Arizona.

You know who totally needs a Lair of the Worm poster, don’t you?  Doriot Lair.

6 thoughts on “The Lair of the White Worm

  1. I used the same gold paint on the ceiling when I lived in Amy Clarke-Moore’s basement! And, having just finished Dracula (and planning to borrow that pic of Wyatt for my post), I just love the White Worm (also by Stoker).

  2. Your Gr. Grandma Flake’s dresser and my inherited dresser from a great aunt look identical except for the mirror. I don’t know if my mirror is original, but is a framed horizontal oval. The dresser itself, looks identical. I love the deep drawers and use the piece in our guest bedroom. It’s been a favorite of mine for many years. Prior to me, and about 30 years in my parent’s attic, it resided with my great Aunt Dorothy and Rachel’s home in Falmouth, MA. It required no restoration except for a good washing. I considered refinishing it, but realized when washing the piece that mine has a faux finish! Is yours?

    I love family pieces of furniture and the connection to the past. Also, it is hard to find solid wood furniture these days that is made to stand the test of time. (Oh, and the paint color is pretty cool, too!)

    • Hi! My dresser is carved oak, and the finish is just a mostly clear satin stain. I love it, and have been hard on it, as I’ve moved about 50 times.
      I am a sucker for old furniture of any kind; that dresser is the only real family piece I have. I love my motley lot of rescues, but when I see that dresser, I think of Emma, and I remember being a child, sliding down a zipline in her back yard.

      • Just wait until you come to San Diego so I can introduce you to a store called…wait for it…Mid-Century Design. And, across the street at the old Fox Egyptian Theatre is the Atomic Bazaar! These places are within minutes of my house!

        Some sad news about the RL metallics. Home Depot stopped carrying them–they’re down to quarts for $18. I was lucky to grab their last 3 gallons of gold base at $21 a piece.

        I need a LAIR of the WHITE WORM.

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