The temperature is dropping

The frozen Chicago River, photo by Señor Codo. Brr.

It’s getting much colder here, and if fact it’s snowing outside as I type this. I understand that St. Louis will be down to 4 degrees on Thursday night. That is ass-cold by anyone’s yardstick. Naturally this will be the night that all of the 8th graders and their parents (me)  gather at the High School for the first introduction night. The night of the Jr. High concert, it was like that, and people’s cars froze in place in the parking lot, as it was sleeting buckets when we all drove in. Weather and school functions seem to seek each other out.

It’s crazy cold out there, that’s all I know.

I spent the day knocking off email, sending mail, catching up.  My drug therapy is working quite well, or I tell myself that it is, which might be the same thing. I can tell that things are janky up in there but it seems like someone else’s problem. If I can just keep this up for another day, hopefully I’ll have it licked. I don’t see why not. At least it won’t be objectionable, the trying.

Tonight: beads, and a start on Dexter: Season 4.

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