Class at Jay Whaley’s

What a time we had! Most people came for two days, some for three. We made crazed and beautiful things. To the left, a detail of a sweet little birdhouse by Venetia Jaeger, with a hand-sculpted bird on a perch.

San Diego was mostly cool and overcast, with a bit of sun each weekend afternoon. I rented a car this time, and drove all around. I went out to Oceanside, to see Joyce, took every possible route into and out of downtown, so I could get a grip on the freeways. I went back and forth to Lemon Grove, because I was staying at Jeannette Cook’s lovely house.

I feel like I know my way around San Diego now, it’s a nice feeling. It takes a few days of training to drive in California; throwing oneself headlong onto freeways takes both grit and practice. I’m home in Tucson now, and the rains have started. I can just tell.

Above, Judy Campbell, Meryl Eldridge, her groovy husband Tim, Karen West, and Trudi Carter, on Jay’s gorgeous second floor balcony overlooking 5th Avenue in Hillcrest. Out of the picture were Joe Noris, Lynn Moon, Kim van Antwerp, Kim Royce, Chalon Campbell, Jay,  and Baba Barnett. Below, a back view of a beautiful wrapped ring by Baba.

Above, a fabulous pod ring by Trudi Carter, with a really ambitious (and successful) hammered imbed, a gay mannequin I love, and Kim Van Antwerp. Below, two very cool Kim pieces in progress; a ring made with a Michael Barley bead from long ago, and a FeltZilla Ring, which will feature a Godzilla emerging from a bit of ruin. Below, right, two really excellent rings by Kim Royce. Click any photo to enlarge.

7 thoughts on “Class at Jay Whaley’s

  1. thanks everyone for a spectacular class. Kate, you are a teacher. In the best sense: you give us understandable content and then show us what that means. I learned so much about the nexus between metalsmithing and metal clay! and about metal clay and metalsmithing. Thank you. Thank you classmates for making the event memorable and for all of your sharing of ideas!

    love you all! (don’t forget to post pictures of your completed pieces)

    • Thank you so much, Meryl!
      It was so great to meet you (and Tim, who I definitely want to know more about)- now I’m really looking forward to your trip after meeting you and Doriot. We are going to tear it up.

  2. Hi Kate:

    What beautiful pieces, and first person narrative of your time in San Diego. So sorry I was unable to attend. Next time, be assured I will if you mosey this way again (and we hope you do)!

    Sorry bout the weather, but hey, it’s San Diego. :-)

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