The world needs more Evans.

My friend Kyle Cassidy posted a letter on his blog, sent to City Kitties Rescue in Philly, by a kid named Evan. I have a soft spot for sweet boys named Evan who love cats anyway, as you may know, but this one slayed me. I was moved to match his donation. After all, it’s really cold out there right now. And cats are so excellent. And I miss Snicket. And I love Kyle. And that was one of the sweetest letters I’ve read in a long time.

If you feel so moved to donate as well, in honor of Evan’s own kindness, I have a feeling that the boy will find out about it, and see first hand what a little giving can do in the way of opening hearts. Lots of people are sending in just a dollar, as a thank you for the wave of sweetness they felt when they read his letter. If you do, click the box that says “Additional Information,” so you can let them know that it’s about Evan.

Here is a link, if you’d like to join in.

2 thoughts on “The world needs more Evans.

  1. FYI
    I own the horse boarding facility where Evan’s Mom keeps her horse. Evan is a much more special kid than anyone knows, He spends much of his time here with the barn cats. He LOVES to measure anything and I enjoy sharing my 100 foot tape with him! His math skills are better than mine!!! We set up jump course together and he measures the corrects distances between each fence for me. He and I are buddies. He reads to me and we practice our somersaults together so his Mom can have a little time to concentrate on her riding. What you don’t know about Evan is that he is a special needs child. At birth what ever could have been wrong was. When I first met him it was almost impossible for him to walk on the uneven ground around the farm. He does much better now but everything is still a struggle. He is full of joy and exuberance for life nothing stops him. I love his visits and I love him. Evan is a role model in every facet of his life.

    • Dana, thank you so much for your comment. I saw on Kyle’s blog this morning how far his beautiful letter has gone… he must be really happy about making such an impact, spreading some of that joy.

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