The South of France, Summer, 2010?

Well, I have some lovely news for us. I have booked another two weeks next summer at Gwen Gibson’s lovely retreat in the South of France, La Cascade. I can tell you, with all assurance, that this is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The dates at La Cascade will be:  August 27- Sept 13, 2010.


Won’t you come and join me? The time will be a mix of travel, exploration, poking around lovely village yard sales, medieval cathedrals, ancient abbeys, and the many affordable (yes, really) cafes, shops, and village markets of the Languedoc region. 



Click here to see the page about the class, and to reserve your space. Thinking about this trip, and how wonderful it will be, is the best thing I can imagine this cool, clear, sunny morning. I want to put all thoughts of difficulty out of my mind, and focus just a bit ahead in the road, to a time of sunflowers, and lavender, and the easy pace of two summer weeks wandering the ancient roads of the south of France.

La Cascade sleeps 8 people, two to a huge room, with three shared bathrooms in the hallways. Additional accomodations, both private and shared, are available at Bernard and Vero’s place just down the road.




Also planned surrounding this trip are a week in Paris (before) and a week in Barcelona (after.) More information will follow on these options.