I don’t know how to describe my day.

Beaded dung ball and wire dung beetle. Apparently I’m not the only one who loves a good dung beetle.

For that matter, I don’t know how to describe my week. I’ve been rushing madly from job to job, place to place, in that kind of last minute lurching that usually involves spilled coffee, and being two minutes late, almost having my dung balls roll back down the hill. I dropped my entire torch into my quench today.

a1h cd by dmathew1.

Night Heron by DMathew

I have two major events coming up (The Best Bead Show in Tucson, and the Bead Daze in Detroit) and they are both best taken seriously.

I have five guests coming to stay, four are bunking up with us in the family house, and one is renting the elf cottage.  I am both giddy with excitement at the camaraderie about to erupt and awash in small jobs. I have a horror of not having a mint on every fluffed, fresh pillow when I have guests. The first wave arrives Friday, then Marlene swoops in on Monday. Setup Tuesday, Show Wednesday- Sunday.

I have two books and two DVDs in progress, with Interweave, and a full length video version of Structural Metal Clay that I’m planning to shoot in March. (Pre-order now!) So I’m making lots of new stuff, and taking notes as I go.

azh bf by dmathew1.

Dewdrop on a mangrove by DMathew

In the evenings, while I watch re-runs of Law & Order, I’ve been exploring the terrain in and around Right Angle Weave, and have noted it’s extreme compatibility with square stitch, and have made the most excellent, the most kickass, the most sensible piece on earth, as far as I can tell, or at least the most sensible piece of beadwork since the Shag Carpet of Pearls, a project so beautiful in its simplicity and intricacy that it still excites me. Photos of the new piece and a gorgeous kit for it coming soon.

On the home front, I am, under heavy pressure from Evan, trying to figure out how to install the new Mac operating system, Leopard, on his computer, which ...just... misses being the right sort of computer to install Leopard on. So I am attempting to outsmart the system, using my wiles, my laptop, a small black brain, and the wiles of those who have helpfully already slain this dragon, and were kind enough to post their notes to the assorted Mac fora on the Internet. Someone today said that they wished that the Internet were some sort of truck. In a strange way I know what they mean.

ayh gh by dmathew1.

Fern, by DMathew

So, I’m busy. And it’s beautiful, and terrible.