snow in Tucson!

SNOW in Tucson. It started snowing around 11:30, big fat flakes. It was almost 50F when it began, which was odd, and now, at 1 pm, it’s fallen to 34.

Snow on Tucson Feb 20 2013

Above, photo by the the Loft Theater on Speedway and Country Club, about noon. Below, my front yard, same time. I’ll be surprised if any of it sticks to metro Tucson, but man, the mountains, they will all be white. What a strange winter this has been.

snow on the pool!

4 thoughts on “snow in Tucson!

  1. I just saw a flock of geese in V-formation flying north. I live 50 miles from the Canadian border, and it’s February. We just had 6″ of snow (on top of the 14″ already on the ground), and the lakes and rivers are still frozen solid. WTF ???

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