5 thoughts on “No one rides for free

  1. I am dying to learn more about Teresa’s technique. The possibilities are just endlessly intriguing! Beautiful work! Now you girls behave! Ha!

  2. I’m assuming here, of course, that all good readers and artists know the first rule of technique is to never, ever, ever listen to any one who tells you to behave. I just felt compelled to clarify that!

  3. Rayo, I’d love to teach the techniques that went into creating the angel and devil (see my website to get my email address. Kate, is this kosher?). Three dimensional figure creation mostly involves increasing and decreasing—in many subtle ways—in peyote stitch. If you can make a bowl shape, you can make a boob or butt cheek. If you can make a tube, you can make a thigh, torso, or arm. Bringing bowls and tubes together takes skill, experience, and willingness to break rules.

    Believe it or not, one student who took this workshop was stunned to learn I wasn’t providing an A to Z pattern for one particular figure. The idea stunned me, too. She took it like a beader, dove in right past her disbelief, and ended up finishing a great piece. Still proud like a momma.

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