Whoa, Nellie!

I kicked ass on this day. I ninja-kicked ass on this day.

There is so much to keep track of. But I (no doubt foolishly) believe I have things well in control. This despite the fact that I am still arranging pages. 19 more days to target. Things are shockingly beautiful.

I’m returning ALL beadwork tomorrow- everything from everyone. I’m still happy to keep shooting things for the eBook, so don’t hesitate to keep the screenshots of your stuff coming.

I head to St. Louis on Thursday, me and my laptop and my xdrive, to spend the last bit of work time with Bill and the lads. Then we all pile up in Tucson for what will be one of the most welcome Christmas breaks ever.

See you soon, Wyatt.

I can’t wait to squeezle my assorted weasels.

One thought on “Whoa, Nellie!

  1. So, what’re you up to Kate? Oh, I’m going to Saint Louis an’ squeeze some weazels.

    Right up there with checkin for lard. love it.

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