Pretty great night so far!

I’m just waiting to hear about Virginia, Ohio, and Florida before I drink any more gin and take a victory jump in the pool. (In reverse order.)


May I just say that watching Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock getting bitch-slapped by the voters was fantastic. Like a shining gift… from women.

11 thoughts on “Pretty great night so far!

  1. Moved from PBS to NPR around 9:15 .. though just could not keep our eyes open past 10:40 last night. But awoke to a veritable sea change of wins via BBC at 5:00 am this morning!! Doing a happy dance!! Hope Mitch McConnell is curled up in the fetal position crying his self-righteous eyes out about Obama’s second term!!

  2. Oh, that bitch slapping was a pleasure! Sadly, there will always be a long line of white males who will just take Akin’s place in the quest to revert back to 7th century ideas regarding women. Each generation will have to remain vigilant. I must admit, hearing his ideas was shocking, a wake up call to action. I’m so glad America responded! I’m doing happy dances this morning.

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