such a pretty picture

We can warm our clenchy hearts over this photo from Wisconsin of the gathering crowd awaiting Springsteen and Obama. Beautiful!

5 thoughts on “such a pretty picture

  1. That is really amazing and makes me feel so much better. Thanks for posting it.

    It’s days like today I really really hate living in a fly over

  2. After passing countless Romney signs on the way home just now and feeling quite depressed about that, this picture brought back SOME faith in my state. Wish I could’ve been there!

  3. Kate: As voting day draws so close, although a Canadian, my hopes are with yours. Remember that the United States of America is a wonderful country (you know this already) and you are a proud and independent and resourceful people. Do your best not to have a panic attack tomorrow no matter what. There is a groundswell of goodness that grows everyday and it is real and big and meaningful and you are an important link in it. Everybody, go vote. Peace to you Kate.

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